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"Komihris" Analytical Centre for Laboratory Tests (ACLT) was established in December 2007.

Documented and operational management system have been implemented in "Komihris" ACLT since 01.02.2008, which is compliant with the requirements of БДС ISO/IEC 17025:2006 "General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories".

In April 2009 "Komihris" Analytical Centre for Laboratory Tests was granted a Certificate of Accreditation No 221 ЛИ by the Bulgarian Accreditation Service (EA BAS). "Komihris" ACLT extends on an annual basis its scope of accreditation with new indices, testing methods and new groups of products, subject to planned assessments, performed by the Bulgarian Accreditation Service.

"Komihris" ACLT has been holding a Certificate of Accreditation No 134 ЛИ with extended scope of tests, fled on record by virtue of Accreditation Order No 585 of 20.05.2013.

The Executive Agency "Bulgarian Accreditation Service" (BAS) is the sole national body for accreditation of:

• testing laboratories and calibration laboratories;

• product certification bodies, management systems certification bodies, persons certification bodies;

• inspection bodies;

• environmental verifiers.

EA "BAS" is a full member of the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA) since 2001. The agency participates in the sessions of the EA General Assembly with the right to vote.

EA "BAS" is a signatory to the Multilateral Agreement for mutual recognition of the accreditation schemes for the following fields:

• Calibration laboratories;

• Testing laboratories;

• Inspection bodies;

• Products certification bodies;

• Persons certification bodies;

• Management systems certification bodies;

• Environmental management systems certification bodies.

Executive Agency "BAS" operates on the basis of the BDS EN 45000: 1993 series of standards, EN ISO/IEC 17000 series of standards and the EA and ISO/IEC guidance documents. Executive Agency "BAS" has developed and adopted for implementation a variety of regulations, norms, procedures, documents and organizational practices.

The Executive Agency "BAS" co-operates with natural and legal entities from the governmental and non-governmental sector.

The Executive Agency "BAS" maintains direct business relations and collaborates beneficially with international organizations and national institutions operating in the quality infrastructure.

Through its activity EA "BAS" assures the competitiveness of the manufactured goods against the international and European standards for quality and safety, and enhances their recognition on the Bulgarian and world market.