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Physico-chemical laboratory

The physico-chemical laboratory is equipped with:

Scales, рН metres, photometer Nova 60, titrater, conductivity meter with electrode system, spectrophotometer, apparatus for water activity Novasina, refractometer, viscometer, standard centrifuge, Gerber centrifuge, muffle furnace, rotary evaporator, vacuum manifold, ultrasound system, system for total protein determination according to Kjeldahl method, apparatus for fat determination according to Soxhlet method, etc.

Classic methods of food, water and cosmetics testing are being implemented:

Moisture content, dry matter content, рН, fat content, protein content, ash content, water insoluble ash, acid insoluble ash, density, acidity, salt content, electrical conductivity, total sugar content, fibres, acid-degree value, peroxide value, relative density, viscosity, water activity, determination of essential oil content in spices, refraction, emulsion stability and many others.

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